Sunday, 5 June, 2011

Michael Dolphy
MikeDolphy Michael Dolphy
RT@SongbirdSharnya My thighs rub together =/ Lunges? Elliptical? ——- GIRL THATS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN U GOT JUNK IN THE TRUNK!!!!
4 minutes ago
love99999 love999
Ironman 1850 Elliptical Trainer: List Price: $ 1,399.00 Price Item: $ 529.90 Save Cost :-528.9 Compare Price ite… http://bit.ly/iCAD53
7 minutes ago
UK Web Directory
WebDyrUK UK Web Directory
ellipticalmachines org: Reviews and information on many of the popular elliptical machines by… http://goo.gl/fb/ua97E
8 minutes ago
0101010110 Binary
fit diet Stamina Elliptical Trainer – What Can It Offer? – The Stamina elliptical trainer was created by a brand who… http://ow.ly/1d3yzk
13 minutes ago
Free Daily LA
DailyFreeLA Free Daily LA
#FreeLA : Elliptical Trainer: We are giving away an elliptical trainer. We bought it new 4 years ago and have u… http://bit.ly/miZCnV
18 minutes ago
SAL_222 Sarah
Phase 2 of my “new beginnings” summer is complete. Phase 3 starts tmrw…hitting the elliptical and some “Body by @Bethenny” no matter what!

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